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Isaac Niemand goes pro

Isaac Niemand goes pro. From now on working exclusively for Bossanova Films, together with fantastic Paula Trabulsi.

Title Sequence for NOVA

Title sequence for NOVA Cultura contemporanea festival in Brasil. novafestival

Spot PhotoEspana 2012

Promotional clip for the photo festival Photoespana 2012.

Photo Meeting OjodePez 2012

Together with Julio Zuckerman, so much fun!

ICE - Intro

ICE is a collaborative A-V project (work in progress), between Novi_sad + Isaac Niemand. Film footage has been recorded in the entire country. Sound source on this video was exclusively ''in-car recordings'', which have been manipulated and digitally treated. Film footage has been recorded all over Iceland. Headphones are highly recommended. ICE will be developed as a full length work with extreme dimensions and dynamics (film + audio, respectively), constructed upon sonic and optical material gathered in one of the most hostile environments on the planet.

Klaustrid Air program, Iceland

My house for the next days of april.
The Gunnar Gunnarsson home at Skriduklaustur, Iceland.
Developing a project together with sound master Novi_sad.


SHIMA the movie, premiere

Big Premiere next 24th April at MIS Sao Paulo.
During NOVA Festival de cultura contemporanea.


Starting a new project in Sao Paulo for ROJO Nova.

Nova 2012 promo campaing

This one of many mini clips for the next Nova Cultura contemporanea festival in Sao Paulo & Rio de Janeiro.

Nova 2012


Spot for Rojo Projects

Shima the movie, Teaser

Shima the movie, First day

Starting a new project for NOVA.
A feature with the Brazilian artist SHIMA.


Song_Hero Zero


Recorded at Ministério da Educação e Saúde, Rio de Janeiro, on a lunch break, during NOVA Rio.
recorded with the 550D
and a couple of Nikon Distagon, 21mm and 50mm

T-shirt for NIemand

Making of this nice tshirt designed by Diplomatas,
printed at Galeria do rock in Sao Paulo.


Mother Nature Sounds

Some random people from random countries sharing local animal sounds.
Lucy McRae, Lolo, Sosaku Miyazaki, Basa Vizi, Julio Zuckerman, Rafael Rozendaal, Yochai Matos, Alexandra Dahlström, Rebecca Ward, Ilgur Gunadóttir.
Made last month in Rio.

Promotional tshirt

A new promotional tshirt for Isaac Niemand by Diplomatas aka Mulheres Barbadas.

As seen on The creators project

The Creators Projects featuring the work I'm doing in Rio.

Nova Rio, first week

Recorded with the 550D,
it is not that I like it, is just that there's no more budget.

Isaac Niemand is in Rio working at NOVA

Herr Niemand happy to be part of this NOVA second edition 

Showreel 2010

Benares Milonga

Benares Milonga
Featuring MATE CHAI.
Mate Chai are Martin Folatelli & Eduardo de Jong
This is one of the songs form the upcoming Mate Chai LP.
Song recorded at Martin Folatelli Studio Benares.
More info

GET THE SONG HERE​cd/​matechai​#!/​matechai

As seen on Juxtapoz Magazine

Walzer Oder Nicht ©Duo 550

One more do-it-yourself,
Walzer Oder Nicht
Duo 505 are B.Fleischmann & Herbert Weixelbaum
Morr Music​

by Isaac Niemand
recorded with the 550d

Pentacon Six with 550d

I just got this Carl Zeiss, 120mm, f2.8!!
from an old Pentacon Six.
Plus and adaptateur for the canon ring (made in china).
In total 110 eur.
The best thing is the focus, is really hard, and with a long trajectory, great to play with the Dof.
No way you get something like this from Canon for less then 1500 eur.

Recorded with the 550D
at 60fps, and switched to 30 with Cinema Tools.
Colour with Mojo.

Music© Premjit Ramachandran​

B.Fleischmann, making of

Preparing a new music clip, this time for B.Fleischmann. Coming up the 15h january.

Isaac Niemand official picture for NOVA Rio

©Saul Tiff

NOVA the film (trailer)

It took a while, but is almost ready. The film made during the past NOVA in Sao Paulo.
Directed, filmed, edited, and whatever else by Isaac Niemand.

New clip for Eduard Fontbona

Royksopp, new music clip "The Drug"

Isaac Niemand just made this graphic music clip for the new Royksopp LP.
This is not a direct comission, it is an open constest from

Fire Maze©NOIA

A new music clip by Isaac NIemand,
this time for this good friends form Montreal, NOIA

Fire Maze
from the album "S/T"
by NOIA​noiasound

Directed, Dop, Cut, Atferelife Isaac Niemand.
Filmed with 5d & Hv30
graphics with Aftereffects
color Mojo

Calibro 35

one more option for the song
from Ritornano Quelli Di calibro 35.

Fresh 2010 / DasHotel

Short intro & promo clip for this yearly art event in Berlin.
Das Hotel Fresh

Intro JealousGUY motion

Workshop at the Museo da Imagem e do Som, Sao Paulo

NOVA week#2

Video by Isaac Niemand awared with the 1st German Fashion Film Award

from Danish Daughters

Potipoti's fashion video 'Berlin Closer' has been awarded with the 1st German Fashion Film Award in Berlin. They've received the award in the category womenswear. The German Fashion Film Award has been organized by noted fashion-expert and journalist Claudia Carillon and is supported by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. The challenge was to create a 3-minute video the presents the labels style and collections. The award was offered to designers based in Germany that have been working for a minimum of 2 years up to a maximum of 8 years. A total of 77 videos classified in the categories womenswear, menswear and accessories have been sent in of which 15 have been nominated.

Here the video we made around 1 year ago.

ROJO®NOVA work in progress (week01)

Here the first clip for NOVA.
First week in Sao Paulo.
Rebecca Ward
Tofer Chin
Mulheres Barbadas
Yochai Matos

The NIemand Rig

Music ©ROLL THE DICE - Axee
I just built up this gadget for the NOVA film in Sao Pualo.
No budget no gadget!!
More gadgets?
The Niemand Dolly 2.0
The Niemand Light System

In Sao Paulo, preparing a docu for NOVA

Glad to be part of NOVA.
Here the line up for this one and a half month multimedia event
hold at the MIS Sao Paulo.

®NOVA Contemporary Culture
July 1st to August 15th,
2010 MIS Museu da Imagem e do Som Avenida Europa,
158, Jardim Europa
01449-000 São Paulo,
SP Brasil.


Free adaptation of the best car racing ever, Bullit.
music from Ritornano Quelli Di calibro 35


Created for La Fabrica, Madrid.
Presentation of the Ojodepez meeting BCN, july 15,16,17

I think I miss you

by Anxieteam.
Anxieteam are Jim Avignon & Jon Burgerman

Directed by Isaac Niemand &Premjit Ramachandran
Photography Saul Tiff.

Die in Varanasi, teaser

This is beyond low budget productions.
Recorded with the canon HV30, a 5$ tripod,
and the audio with my ipod and a Germin gadget.
the little I know about Varanasi.

Berlin Manners Animated scene

I just finished another animation,
in this case scene for the upcoming documentary,
directed by Ivan Aranega, "Berlin Manners".

Here you can watch the teaser

New video for Neoangin

My last animated video.
music clip for the "time don't move" song,
composed by Neoangin, aka Jim Avignon.
made with aftereffects

I know you from ©Neoangin

100% himalayan made.
I know you from, one of the last songs from
Neoangin, aka Jim Avignon

Berlin Closer

Berlin Closer, made for Potipoti, a fashion brand based in Belrin.
With the idea from Nando Cornejo and music from Hugo Capablanca,
art direction Isaac Niemand.
The idea was to show the new collection avoiding the classical (and expensive) cat walk in fashion fairs.

A McGuffin

I was deleighted with the McGuffin idea since always.
Finally I found this Alfred's interview at the Dick Cavet show,
and with the voice I did that video, just for fun.
Aftereffects my sweet aftereffects...



Scott Joplin reloaded


The piano for the soundtrack

Here the great pianist with the one I'm working the "About Varanasi" soubd track.


About Varanasi, almost done.

Here te might-be poster for my first documentary,
"About Varanasi", recorded during 2009 in the city of Varanasi.
With music featured by great Eduard Fontbona piano hands.